I have come across a lot of information in my travels, some worth a second look, some not. In our present-day busyness many of us don't have the time necessary to sift through all of the banner ads and moneymaking schemes on the Net.

I wanted to piece together some things that I have found to be valuable; perhaps it'll save someone some time that could be better used elsewhere...like installing Ubuntu Linux on all of your computers.

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...as if this needs mentioning: every title here is Open Source, and I have personally run every program under Windows. They all perform at least as well as their proprietary counterparts.

Audacity Link Audacity: an excellent sound editor. Play and edit sound files.
VideoLan Link VideoLan (or VLC): a media player. Plays just about anything you throw at it.
Blender Link Blender: an outstanding 3d renderer. Most of the creations on this site were rendered using it.
The GIMP Link The GIMP: an excellent image editor. Did I mention how much it costs? Oh, yea- NOTHING.
FreeBSD Link FreeBSD: THE Big Mama of OSes. The stuff of which Macs are built. 'nuff said.

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