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I welcome you to my humble web presence.

I created this site originally as a source of information that I have acquired over time that I hoped would be helpful to someone, perhaps saving them a little time along their path. I posted a few links to products I have tried and enjoy...or don't enjoy. I posted my "diary" for others to ponder in the hopes that they will learn better how to grow in their Walk as I have.

I believe that AndfortheLamb is not a site, but an attitude. I believe that it is a way of life. I believe that we have gifts to share, and a Message to preach, and I believe that we need to connect to each other in a way that is fresh...yet began 2000 years ago. You see, I believe that we love the Lord...

I believe that our churches are becoming buildings, religion is a job, and we go to church to log our holy hours for the week...then sin for the other six days.

This must come to an end. This must come to an end now.

This site is currently under heavy modification- in fact, this is the only page that remains. What is left is available on Facebook in my Notes section. I am not currently keeping what I write a secret; the more that read it, the merrier. I do ask, however, that you do not copy it to use as your own.


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